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How to Return
First, the service guarantee:
    Provide every customer in China Chemical Network supermarket shopping Our quality products, professional services, your security, your satisfaction.
Second, the Return Policy:
    Dear Customer:
    Since the Company operated reagents Goods belonging to a special production, generally do not accept returns processing, so please before you buy with us for confirmation, upon receipt and acceptance of goods in a timely manner.
    If after you receive the goods found to have quality defects, approaching expiration date of issue, are you the first time (local customer after the goods sold within 7 days after receipt of customers outside the city goods 7 days) to contact us. After our confirmation, the Company will return the goods, but please keep the goods in original packaging not damaged, the Company will conduct commodity exchange or return procedures apply to you.
    If outside these hours because you need the company's reason for your return or exchange of goods, whereby the Company will generate corresponding goods, documents and other wear and tear costs. To do this generally in accordance with the amount of returned merchandise discount of 70-80% recovery of goods;
  If the customer set the wrong reasons of their own goods or protocol changes, medicines with less need to exchange or return. Deduct 20% of the value of the fee (minimum fee amount, not less than 100 yuan) Switch to prepay the balance or refund; Customer returns express orders, indicating the order number; approval may return the product, customer shall within one week after receiving the notice, the products in accordance with our request to return overdue return, then cancel the approval for return
    Foreign goods packaging produce stains can not continue to be used in circulation, will not return.
   The following goods sold the company does not accept Returns:
    1. Special orders for your agent's (TCI, Sigma, Alfa ...... and other imported goods);
    2. The packaging has been seriously contaminated, damaged goods and commodities have been unsealed;
    Resulting in quality, damaged goods in question 3. due to improper storage or return your transport;
    4. The cold chain and storage products, standards, sensitivity to light products, toxic (T and T +) products, customized products, etc;
    5. Precious metals and their compounds merchandise.
    Except for our goods sold outside the presence of quality defects, return the goods freight, as well as replacement of goods have buyers bear the return shipping costs.
    We will deal with special circumstances, where appropriate, the Company reserves the right of final interpretation.
Third, the refund and time:
    After you apply for return procedures and I received your returned merchandise, 5-6 working days we will refund the balance of the purchase price of goods discount (because your cause return) directly into your bank be returned; by paying customers treasure online payment platform, because there is a 1% fee Alipay payment platform to extract, so we will also deduct 1% of this amount, and then directly into your bank refunded.
    When you happen to retirement / replacement time, please contact us customer service telephone: 010-82931722
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