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Chinese Chemical Terms of supermarket sales (orders annex)
1. The exact order: when issuing the order, the buyer should carefully review the pre-product specifications, packaging, quantity and other information, confirmation. Unknown place, the seller should immediately raise objections. The order is confirmed, the buyer shall be deemed approved product specifications and other information.
2. Order Change: After the issuance of the order, usually not changed, again without confirmation. If the following occurs, the seller will seek the views of the buyer, and then confirm or revoke an order: A) is temporarily out of stock, you need to arrange production; B) international chemical raw material price fluctuations caused by price changes; C) high risk level, not air transport; D) a restrictive product shall apply for import and export licenses; and so, orders for custom chemicals, basic raw materials if the purchase of an occurrence of serious difficulties, resulted in the production, the seller the right to terminate the order, and for the first For a time notify the buyer, the seller does not bear this direct or indirect economic responsibility.
3. Order cancellation: Given the special nature of chemicals production, transport storage, and use of, the order after the entry into force, the buyer may not unilaterally cancel the order, cancel the order requires the written consent of the seller's approval. Buyer unilaterally cancel the order for the breach of contract, the contract amount of liquidated damages to one hundred percent.
4. Payment Terms: See China Chemical supermarket sales orders.
5. Quality Responsibility: In view of the special nature of the reagent product, the seller is not only responsible for the quality before using the product, the application reagent products not assume any responsibility for direct and indirect. Seller remind the buyer before doing the experiment in advance in accordance with the technical specifications to test the product quality. After start using the product, the buyer of the application and bears full responsibility for the results.
6. Acceptance criteria and objection period: Buyer shall as a product manufacturer's standard acceptance criteria, such as product have any quality problems, the buyer should submit a written objection within 30 days of receipt, the buyer fails to raise any objections, regarded as goods meet its requirements, the seller does not bear any responsibility.
7. The unexpected: due to fire, floods, storms, explosions, terrorist attacks, war, governmental action, or any other seller unforeseeable, unavoidable and insurmountable event caused delay in shipment or delivery can not, the seller will inform the buyer the two sides will decide the case, as the section is not fulfilled, the entire non-performance or delay in performance; as the deadline for delivery of major festivals or national holidays at home and abroad, the supply of goods extended; Ruoyin Out of lead or is not available for backorder goods, the seller will inform the buyer, the seller is not deemed to breach.
8. delivery transportation: the buyer at the time of delivery or receipt should carefully check the packaging of the goods, once the sign after the buyer, the seller will not be responsible for product packaging state; if found damaged packaging, the field should be rejected or photo evidence and request couriers do broken record; then forwarded to the seller, the seller will make the appropriate treatment under the circumstances; the buyer receive the goods, if found a shortage of goods, the buyer shall notify the seller within five working days, five working days after the buyer shall be deemed no confirmation shortage.
9. Security action: to ensure chemical safety, the buyer must specify a highly trained professional personnel to operate the chemical. Standardize operations must be carefully read before operating internationally accepted MSDS chemical safety Operating Manual, make full safety after making the buyer to open the safety of chemicals, the use of safe and full responsibility for the consequences of a chemical reaction.
10. Dispute Resolution: This contract law applicable to the People's Republic of China; if disputes occur during the execution of the contract, the seller and the buyer should be settled through friendly consultations; If you can not be resolved through consultation, may apply to the seller's premises or arbitration appeals bodies.
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