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privacy policy

General information

Thank you for your interest in the Beijing Huaye feel oneworld Chemical Co., Ltd. (website referred to as "China Chemical Industry supermarket") website. We attach great importance to data protection and confidentiality, and to follow and the United States, European data protection regulations. With this statement on data protection measures, we will provide you with the desired data is stored and how to use this kind of information.

Storage and use of data

As a visitor to our site, you will remain anonymous. We store and analyze the data for statistical purposes only, for example, in order to ensure continuous improvement of our service. Data exist in our server by your Internet Service Provider name constituted, including where you are connected to our site, you visit China Chemical supermarkets page, your IP address and the date and your browsing on our website time.

The collection, processing and use of personal data

We will only collect and process personal data about your use of specific services, or if you voluntarily consent to our data, such as part of the registration procedure, fill in the form or e-mail, ordering goods or services, send us inquiry or ask a substance. Unless there are other legal commitments, we will only under your consent to having your personal data with your designated purpose. Your personal information will not be shared by us to third parties, unless you agree, or so we are instructed to do so.
Data Storage

We only store data for the period you need our services.

Made, correct rights and obligations of information

You have the right to read and modify the access rights of our personal information about you, and you can cancel at any time let us use the information in the future. You only need to write an e-mail to 15330011779@163.com.

Data protection and security

All we will be exposed to data processing employees and third parties are subject to the Data Protection Act (Data Protection Act, Data Protection Act), and subject to the agreement to protect the use of personal data. Our data protection measures are continually updated to meet technological development.
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