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"China Chemical Industry supermarket" is Beijing Huaye oneworld Chemical Co., Ltd. online sales platform, the company is a retail and wholesale of chemical products for leading industries, set logistics, product development and sales of the chemical industry. In national chain of direction (now in Hefei, Anhui and Jiangsu Wuxi established a point of sale), through the network, etc. Direct way to build a "unified image, unified quality, unified management, unified propaganda, resource sharing"; to "centralized purchasing, unified distribution, reduce flow, low supply "of supermarket sales model," China Chemical Industry, everything, "the number of product categories and the advantages of" network + entities supermarket warehouse "in the new business model, to achieve the" leading "China Chemical formula supermarket chain vision.
"Customer first, service first" is my company's business objectives. Company to operate for many years, the sale of products to implement continuous tracking services, and implementation of "supermarket" business strategy, to achieve the "one-stop shopping" service, in this way not only compress the user's procurement time, while saving the user a lot of funds, through years of trial and error, has been unanimously praised the majority of users.
The main production and operation: chemical reagents, biochemical reagents, glass equipment, laboratory supplies, chemical raw materials, equipment and so on. Operated relatively complete variety of products, our reagent products to As: Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Shenyang, Guangzhou, Jiangsu, and Shandong. Glassware mainly: North Bose, Bose day, Shu glass, other.
Imported reagents: ALFA, SIGMA, Fisher, Dumas, Meck and Japan TCI company's products, operating supplies have Agilent, Dumas chromatography and spectroscopy products.
Our strength lies: "one-stop shopping" service can save you a lot of time purchasing. Beijing Huaye oneworld Chemical Co. still uphold: "centralized purchasing, unified distribution, reduce flow, low-cost supply of" principle. We promise: Those who purchase products from my company, if the product is of inferior quality, can be unconditional return. Truly let the price and service transparency, openness, rest assured.
We are welcome to use user-oriented product manufacturers better information before the company, we are also non-stop selection of quality manufacturers strive to provide customers with better products.
Your "one phone call, a fax, a message" We will all get ready for your product needs.
Thanks again for all the support and love, we will provide a more satisfactory service we look forward to cooperating with you!
Company Name: Beijing Huaye Huanyu Chemical Co., Ltd.
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Sales Fax: 010-82931722
Website: www.bjchemmart.com
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